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Marcel, Atlanta, GA

We got lucky and found this gem! This is a very intimate place. You would need to know where it is because even when you are right in front of it, you can’t see it! You have to look up for the neon M to know you have arrived! You have to climb stairs outside to a small landing and then more stairs to get to the main floor. This restaurant might well be considered trendy!


Upon entering, you are immediately aware that you are in a very special place. It is dark with subdued lighting. You can hear very good jazz in the background. We did not have reservations, so we decided to sit at the bar and wait to see if we wanted to sit at a table.


A very astute and hip bardtendress named Kimya welcomed us. She really knew how to make me a Boulevardier. She immediately starting mixing it without any questions (which many bartenders have to do!). Jon had a Cassis martini, which was absolutely divine (I tased it!). When I get home, I will make myself one (or two) as I have Cassis on my bar (it is okay if Jon wants one, too!).


We were there on a Saturday night. There was a girl sitting at the bar by herself who seemed very comfortable who was playing with her phone every time I looked over.


We both felt like steaks that night, so we both had the same meal of very delectable strip steak, asparagus properly cooked (al dente) and a potato gratin, which was extremely rich but oh so tasty! Something tells me that everything on the menu, including the desserts, will be delicious!


The next time we are in Atlanta, you will find us at Marcel’s!


Marcel, Atlanta, GA

Westside Provisions District

1170 Howell Mill Road

Atlanta, GA. 30318

404 665 4555 


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