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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

A friend who lived in Morrisville called and told me “I think you'll like a restaurant that has the name Saluté and is in Morrisville, PA!” She was correct, and the name is Saluté Ristorante, and we go there regularly for that great food. This is a BYOB, which is always fine with us because we like to drink very good wine, and, if not a BYOB, we always pay a lot for the kind of wine we prefer! Saluté is located in a strip mall with plenty of parking, and the interior is nicely decorated.

Recently, another couple joined us there. The owner was not present that night, but Massimo, the head waiter (and apr towner), was in charge and did a wonderful job. The experience was a total delight. Everything was delicious from beginning to end. For my appetizer, I had the Hot Peppers & Mushrooms (Italian long

hot peppers oven roasted and sautéed with sliced mushrooms in roasted garlic, olive oil and white wine) followed by Pork Chop Balsamico (mushrooms, onions and tomatoes sautéed in olive oil, garlic, white wine and balsamic vinegar). I ended with the Bread pudding. Jon had the Baked Clams (clams diced with a stuffing made of Pancetta bacon, roasted red peppers, celery onions, carrots and scallions, baked in their shell in white wine and garlic) and, for his entree, Risotto Di Mare (Lump Crab meat, Calamari and Shrimp sautéed in a light creamy marinara sauce, tossed with homemade Risotto). He concluded with his favorite, expresso!

One of our dining companions had the Calamari Vesuvius (lightly dusted with flour, fried, and tossed with sliced cherry hot peppers and tomatoes) and Ziti Porchetta (all organic shoulder of a Wild Boar, slow cooked for 3 hours in a marinara sauce, served over a bed of Ziti). For dessert, he had bread pudding, as well. His wife, who is Swiss-Italian, had the Stuffed Mushrooms appetizer, and for her main course, she had Spaghetti Carbonara (onions and bacon sauteed in garlic cream sauce with Parmigiano cheese). Her choice for dessert was Affogato, which is vanilla ice cream served with Expresso. Everybody loved their food!

The service is outstanding, friendly, and accommodating. Massimo is quite friendly and talks with the people at the tables. This is a must for anyone who desires exceptional Italian cuisine.

368 West Trenton Avenue Morrisville PA 19067



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