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Tahiti Beach Restaurant

Updated: Jan 8

A very nice couple who are now our friends, whom we met on the beach in Miami, strongly recommended this quaint French restaurant, which is a beachfront eatery. You can stroll along the beach to get there if you happen to be staying in Sunny Isles, or you can simply walk in towards the ocean from Collins Ave (A1A). You can go in a bathing suit, with a cover up, obviously!


If you want a totally delightful experience, go there for a moderately priced lunch or early dinner. As of this writing we have been there three times! You must go there early, as they close at 5 or 6, depending on the season.


You start out with the best crusty French bread you can imagine with a dipping sauce of EVOO and crushed red pepper. I add freshly ground salt and pepper to mine! Now, as my readers well now, I am not a bread person, but here I eat all the bread on the table; of course, Jon gets his share!


I had one of the best onion soups I have tried in so long, many years, ever since I made Julia Child’s recipe. This one has Bay Leaves, Thyme and Gruyere. Somebody knows how to cook!


We had Country Pâté the way my beloved business partner, Tom O’Neil, adored it! Typically French and oh so good! They offered sliced white toast, but I opted for more of the fabulous crusty bread. Part of the reason the food tastes so fine is that they don’t take short cuts. I know this as a cook myself; many restaurants do skimp often, and the resulting experience clearly suffers. For example, the broth in the onion soup was real broth, not from a can or bullion, and the herbs and the Gruyere cheese on top of good bread made the soup excel in taste.


Once, I ordered Cuisses de Grenouilles (Frogs Legs), which I hadn’t had in a long time, and they were excellently prepared. Another time, Jon had the Fish ‘n Chips which he thought were great!

They have a limited selection of wines, but what they have is very good red wine and splits of Prosecco. I usually don’t drink red wine in the afternoon, but Jon does! They also have an excellent Rosé!

All of the choices are delicious. It is just like being in the south of France, which is replete with places like this. They have a regular menu and a chalkboard with specials.


Our friends, who recommended Tahiti, raved about the sardines. They would call to see if the dish was on the menu, and when it was, they would rush over…they say the sardines are delectable.


All in all, much charm and deliciousness packed into one tiny spot on the beach!


Tahiti Beach Restaurant

19111 Collins Ave

Sunny Isles, Florida



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