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Malaga Restaurant

This is a lovely, family-owned Spanish restaurant In Hamilton, NJ. Angela and her brother Romero are the hosts. I have been dining from the very, very beginning when it first opened in 1990 and have been going back frequently ever since then. The food is consistently good. It is a very lively place with many of the waiters, on proper occasions, singing happy birthday with charming Spanish accents while one plays the guitar.

The presentation of each repast is really something to see, with Spanish saffron rice served with many dishes and very thinly cut fried potato chips accompanying several offerings. I often have the garlic soup as an appetizer, which is excellent.

Jon, my partner, loves to eat fresh lobster in Maine and thought that he could not possibly find good lobster anywhere else. Now, however, whenever we go to Malaga, he orders lobster, when it is on the menu, as he says it is the best this side of Maine. The Lenguada a la Madrilena (which is Filet of Sole in lemon and wine sauce) is also terrific.

Another of their special meals is baby goat, which is very delicious. I recommend you try it when you go! In addition to many Spanish dishes, they offer steaks, which I have had on many occasions (carnivore that I am), and the meat they serve is very good, as well. Jon also likes the Paella a la Valenciana, but what to order is also a toss-up as everything on the menu is an adventure in good taste. The desserts are also excellent, such as the Crème Catalana, which is a Spanish Crème Brûlée. The after-dinner drinks feature the Malaga Coffee with Licor 43! (Licor 43 has become a staple in our household. It is a Spanish vanilla Flavored liqueur consisting of 43 herbs and botanicals.)

There is a small, very friendly bar with good drinks. They specialize in Sangria, which is not my drink, as I prefer to keep wine pure, but theirs tasted good. When there are just two of us, we will sit and the bar to drink and eat. On certain nights, the second Sunday of every month, they present Flamenco dancers accompanied by live music, which fills the house because they are very exciting to experience! There are two parking lots, one adjacent to the building, so it is rather convenient to visit.

I have been there with many friends and every single one loved the food and the place. If you are looking for good food in an enjoyable atmosphere, this is it! I consider this restaurant exceptional. Say Candice sent you!

511 Lalor St, Hamilton Township, NJ 08611


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