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390 Prime Steak & Seafood Restaurant

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

We were recently made aware that there is a brand new restaurant in Monroe Township, N.J. - the 390 Prime Steak & Seafood Restaurant, which is part of the Double Tree by Hilton complex. Recently, three of us had dinner there and I must say that everything was first class!

We started with our usual martinis (Tito’s Vodka, Chambord Liqueur and a wedge of lime) which were expertly made. Later, we switched to a delightful bottle of wine for dinner, a Quilt Cabernet, quite full bodied and rich.

To begin, warmed European style rolls were brought to the table, which I thoroughly enjoyed, My readers will know, I do not eat bread often, as when I was a little girl, my parents told me prisoners ate bread and water, so I rebuked it regularly, but this offering was quite nice.

We all tried the soups. Jon had the Lobster Bisque, which he devoured; it had chunks of Lobster!). Our friend and I tried the French Onion Soup, prepared with Gruyere cheese, which is the proper way. Both soups are house crafted and are delicious.

The steaks (we all had Rib Eye garnished with fresh rosemary and grilled grape tomatoes) were as good as we have ever had (and my readers will know, I have raved about the steaks at other places; 390 Prime’s steak rivals them all!). They use Braveheart beef which is Angus-verified cattle direct from U. S. family farm. The steaks are thick and tasty. Jon ate all of his. As usual, I took some home for a flavorsome lunch the next day.

As sides, we shared the Asparagus, which was extremely fresh and prepared very well, and the Mashed Potatoes, which we all enjoyed. Clearly, they do a fine job with their farm to table concept of using fresh local ingredients.

I finished with Flowerless Chocolate Cake, which came with chocolate drizzle, strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream (delectable!). I think Flowerless Chocolate Cake needs this type of accompaniment because of its richness.

We concluded the evening with Jon having one of his usuals, an espresso martini, and our friend and I tried something very special - a Liquor 43 Chocolate Martini! The bartender skillfully mixed this drink, adding a drop of Bailey’s and chocolate syrup (luscious!).

The service was impeccable; everyone with whom we dealt was completely accommodating and friendly. Everything there is brand new, and inviting; moreover, the entire place is fresh and clean, which I greatly appreciate.

In my opinion, this is sure to be a major success because they are doing everything correctly. We had a great time; we laughed and laughed, as the ambiance is rather conducive to enjoyment.

This will certainly be a stop that Jon and I will make coming home from New York after any business there. It is conveniently located right off exit 8A of the Turnpike. And the rumor is that they will have entertainment on the weekends, which will add to the comfortable ambiance. All in all it was a restaurant experience to be repeated again and again.

390 Prime Steak & Seafood Restaurant

390 Forsgate Drive

Monroe, New Jersey 08831

Double Tree by Hilton

Monroe Township Cranbury


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