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Gabrielle Restaurant

Recently, while in Charleston, South Carolina, we had the pleasure of dining in one of the finest restaurants in the area. Located in the Hotel Bennett, downtown, Gabrielle’s décor and ambiance is rather elegant. The wine list is superb. The service is very professional and the food is marvelous, unique cuisine. They have a chef that a foodie would seek out! We were there on a Thursday night, and there were several tables of large groups. It was obvious that the restaurant was set up for them.

We both began with cocktails, from the indoor bar, which were well prepared. Jon started his meal with Seared Foie Gras (Pineapple Conserve, Saba, Brioche, Crème Fraiche), a favorite of his and which he devoured. I commenced with the Oysters Rockefeller, which happened to be delicious! There are only certain ingredients that go into this dish (oysters, spinach and garlic cream sauce), but each time I have it, the taste is different. These were exceptional.

For an entrée, I had the Lamb T-bone (Stone Fruit, Burgundy Jus, Pistachio), which did not taste like typical lamb at all! I consumed the entire plate. Jon had the 14oz. Cherry Wood Smoked Brisket (La Colomb, Coffee sauce, vinegar onions, corn souffle), which he enjoyed thoroughly. We shared a side of Brussels Sprouts which were absolutely delicious. Usually, chefs prepare them with Balsamic Vinegar, but these were made with parmesan lardons in a cider gastrigue. They offered a large portion, and we enjoyably consumed almost all of it.

Unfortunately, on the way there, I broke a strap on my high heels. The staff did their best to find glue for a quick repair. Although unsuccessful, they were nevertheless very helpful. When I walked out, Jon helped me as I slid my foot across the floor because the heels were only held on by the ankle. But that mishap did not ruin the evening because the food was so good that I actually forgot about my heels until it was time to leave!

This was by far the best meal of our three nights in Charleston, what I would consider the finest fine dining of the trip. Next time, I will try the side of Charred Okra (Agrodolce Onions and corn). I can’t wait!

Gabrielle Restaurant

In The Hotel Bennett 404 King St Charleston, SC 29403 843.990.5460



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