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Marsilio's Kitchen

Updated: Feb 26

Marsilio’s opened in 1951 and was located at 541 Roebling Ave., in Chambersburg, the Italian section of Trenton, New Jersey. This was a family owned and operated restaurant and, like with all cities, things there have changed. The ‘Burg’ did not remain all-Italian, and most of the exceptional Italian restaurants relocated. I remember going there as a little girl with my parents because everyone liked their spaghetti with marinara sauce.

Now, Marsilio’s Kitchen has found a great spot in Ewing Township, and, to this day, it is owned and managed by the younger family members. The owners Denise and Alan, are likable, personable, and charming and, all in all, they make you extremely comfortable in their lovely neighborhood restaurant. The dining room is tastefully decorated with white tablecloths and fresh flowers and includes some Italian ceramic pitchers on the wall. Both Denise and Alan, and sometimes their daughter, Gracie, as well, will frequently be on hand to come over to talk with customers, contributing to the welcoming ambiance. Moreover, they have hired the friendliest of staff, waiters and bartenders alike. The entire staff work as a team, which adds much to making the dining experience very enjoyable.

There is outside seating for when the weather is nice, and there is an overflow/ private party dining room decorated with colorful Tarkay prints, as a treat for the eyes. The inside boutique bar is conducive to congenial camaraderie! We often ask for their Expresso Martini (decaf for me, the real deal for Jon). The bartenders really know how to make a good cocktail!

The last time Jon and I were there, I had Clams Casino (middle neck clams / peppers / onions / bacon / butter / white wine), which was very nicely prepared, and Jon had the Giant Meatball Parm (served over Italian bread / parmesan cheese / marinara), which he gobbled up! At other times, we have enjoyed the Calamari Fritto (with cherry peppers / marinara) as a starter. Notice that marinara keeps showing up. It’s been many years now, and still delicious!

Jon often indulges with a Caesar Salad (crisp romaine / croutons / Caesar dressing) and then the Veal Parmigiano ("world's best" / pan fried, breaded veal scallopini / baked with mozzarella / fresh marinara). Or he will choose the Lasagna (sausage / beef / plum tomato / ricotta cheese).

I am partial to the Chicken Cacciatore (seasoned and roasted bone-in chicken / rosemary / white wine / red wine vinegar). This one has been Marsilio's most popular dish since 1951, but I also will order the Roebling Avenue Veal Chop (breaded, flattened veal chop / topped with arugula / tomato / garlic basil oil / or parmigiano style). Their Broccoli Rabe w/ Garlic & Oil is tutto Italiano! I also like their NY Cheesecake (traditional style NY cheesecake / rich and buttery graham cracker crust) as a dessert (or take home for a breakfast) treat!

We often go with friends, but be sure to make a reservation, as they can get busy, even on weekdays! I am confident that this restaurant will be your go to!

Marsilio’s Kitchen

71 W Upper Ferry Rd, Ewing, NJ 08628



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