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Metro Grill, Ewing

The Metro Grill is a “go to” place that offers some excellent Italian/Mediterranean cuisine, located at the end of a strip mall on Scotch Road. The staff there is extremely friendly and accommodating. The atmosphere is casual. Whenever we come in, everyone is happy to see us. It is almost always busy; the patrons are loyal!

There is a full bar area (which seats about 30 people) and a dining area with dark painted walls which I happen to particularly like, but we usually sit at a high top around the bar. The bar scene is very lively, as expected, and the dining room is more reserved.

The bar area has several televisions, so you can watch whatever sports you want. The bartenders will whip up whatever you ask for. In fact, everything that comes from the bar is good – they know how to make a drink and they are happy to do so – they are very proud of their drinks! There is one particular bartender by the name of Ozzie who does a fantastic job with our favorite, a Raspberry Martini (a full 10 oz.).

The last time we were there, they delivered the most delicious bread to the table. My readers will know that I am not from the bread-eating folk, but when I saw how crusty the bread was and the dipping oil mixture, I ate several pieces. I broke off some that was mostly crust, which is the part I love the most when it is good, as it was that night! We both had the house salad, which was extremely fresh. I normally have the Fried Calamari with Tai Chili Sauce as an appetizer, and they do a fine job with it. Jon will often have the Clams Casino (Six baked clam shells with chopped clams, peppers, onions, bacon & bread crumbs) or the Mussels (Bianco white wine garlic butter sauce, tomatoes & basil). That night, I had the Veal Parmesan (breaded, topped with mozzarella, marinara sauce) with a side of Angel hair pasta, which was exquisite. This dish was one of the better Veal Parmesan meals served in the area! Jon had Shrimp Francaise (egg-dipped, sauteed with sub dried tomatoes & spinach in a lemon butter sauce) over Angel Hair pasta, which was similarly tasty. Jon ended with Expresso and Sambuca, as usual.

We enjoy being there; aside from the good food, the staff makes you feel very comfortable. We always have fun there; it is a very “up” place!

Metro Grill

172 Scotch Road, Ewing, NJ

(609) 882-2800


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