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Purple Leaf

This is the best Asian restaurant in the area! Purple Leaf was recommended to me by a friend who had eaten there and who said that the vegetables and fish were so fresh I had to try it. So I did. Since then, I have returned three more times! They have an extensive menu of Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. It is a BYOB with excellent tea and Vietnamese iced coffee. The ambiance is typical for an American Chinese restaurant. They have a Sushi bar and a back room for larger groups. There are locations in Broomall and Philadelphia as well as in Morrisville, where I dined with my faithful eating partner, Jon.

I particularly like the Shrimp Dumpling soup; it is the one with very soft wontons. As Peking Duck is a favorites in any Chinese restaurant, Jon and I shared the whole Peking Duck there, twice! It is exceptionally delicious!

The Fried Rice is the best in any Chinese restaurant this side of Hong Kong. I know because I was in Hong Kong 21 times as a fashion designer, and I came to know the food very well. I would dine on the most fabulous food every night. I used to order Fried Rice regularly in many restaurants in Hong Kong, and the people I was with would always ask for the recipe so they could go home and make it themselves. At Purple Leaf, you can have chicken, beef, pork or all vegetarian style fried rice.

The service is very polite and accommodating. The 4 times we were there were for lunch, and it was not very busy. However, I understand that on weekends at dinnertime, there is a crowd.

If you like Asian cuisine, most likely you’ll find your favorite dish on the menu. Each time we went with other friends, they all enjoyed the different dishes they ordered. For example, they have 7 offerings of rice dishes. Many entree choices feature chicken, pork, beef, shrimp and even lamb!

Purple Leaf is a delightful adventure as all the dishes are fun to try and very good tasting. The next time I go, I’ll try the Crispy Salt Baked Shrimp and the Szechuan String Beans. I am hoping that the shrimp dish is similar to one that I had in Taiwan. (I have the feeling that the shrimp heads won’t remain on the shrimp, as they did in Taiwan!). The Rumone soda interests me greatly as well.

Purple Leaf

119 Floral Vale Blvd

Morrisville, PA



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