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Rocco’s At The Brick

For years, every time I went to Newtown, PA, I would pass the busy intersection by the Brick Hotel and think, “What a great spot for a fine dining restaurant!” There was a restaurant on site, but few people went there. Finally, a few years back, a tried-and-true restauranteur, Alex Mastoris, opened Rocco’s At The Brick. (I think it was named for one of his grandchildren.) Of course, everyone knew and loved Mastoris’ Diner in Bordentown, so this promised to be something special.

As luck would have it, Jon and I happened to be there the night they opened. It was a typical opening night, with all sorts of minor issues, and not 100% correct (as Alex would have preferred!). But the cuisine was good, and we kept going back. Everything is now in proper order: the food is delicious; the ambiance is cozy and comfortable, and the staff is professional and pleasant! I must say that Alex has done a superb job!

You can eat inside in one of the dining rooms, or at the inside bar, or al fresco (there is also a bar outside). I prefer the bar area or outside. There is a convenient decent sized parking lot adjacent to the restaurant with valet service.

The first thing I noticed was that the bread that they bring as their initial offering is similar to a flatbread, but more of a cracker, that they prepare in-house. Some pieces have herbs and others are salted and come with soft butter. Being not very fond of spongy bread, I love it! I eat everything they put on the table and ask for more! They always acquiesce.

I likely will begin with the King Crab appetizer (or as the main entrée) and request drawn butter instead of the cocktail sauce. It is always delicious; I like King Crab better than lobster. (Jon prefers Maine lobster, but that is for another post!) Jon has had the most delicious Osso Bucco there in the past.

I’ve had many items from the menu at different times. I particularly liked the Tomahawk steak with baked potato (the one with the giant bone). Most pe

ople cannot finish it. That’s the one that doesn’t fit well in a doggy bag!

We have met several interesting people there; the patrons are all friendly, and so are the especially cordial staff. Our friend Stacie, who is local to Newtown, always says that this is her favorite restaurant. This is a very “up” place, so, if you try it, I am sure you will like it!

Rocco’s At The Brick

1 E Washington Ave, Newtown, PA 18940



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