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The Stone Terrace by John Henry's

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

The Stone Terrace by John Henry's is on Kuser Road in Hamilton and is a restaurant and an event venue. It is in the same spot where the Italian American Sportsmen's Club used to be. I have not been to any events there, but recently had dinner in the restaurant. The Stone Terrace was my father’s favorite restaurant when it was in Chambersburg, and my father was a regular gourmet and an excellent gourmand!

We found the place to be extremely friendly from the moment we walked in and sat down. The service was prompt, efficient and welcoming. Sitting in the restaurant, we had a good view of the spacious bar area, which was lively and casual. It was obvious that people were enjoying themselves. We were fortunate to meet John Henry that night and found him to be a rather cordial chap.

We began our meal with cocktails that were appropriately prepared. Then we ordered the recommended Italian wine, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I ordered Clams Casino which were cooked just the way I prefer them, without chopped clams and bread crumbs. My main dish was Roasted Chicken Pieces that are house seasoned. Note that it takes an extra 30 minutes to prepare, so the idea is for you to request this as soon as you are seated. The chicken I was served was so tender and delicious! Many times, I have ordered this elsewhere, with all the proper herbs and seasonings, but the meat itself arrives tough. My sides were pan roasted potatoes and buttered string beans, both of which were delicious. The pairing made for a delightful dinner!

Jon began with the Mediterranean Salad (Romaine, lump crab meat, black olives, roasted red peppers, red onion, cherry tomatoes, lemon and EVOO). He followed with the “Ole English” Fish & Chips (beer battered cod, fresh cut fries, house Tartar) which he reported to be savory as well. It was very similar to the fish & chips that you would eat in London, minus the paper cone! Jon orders fish and chips in many places, as he loves this meal, and he found this offering to be one of the best!

For dessert, we shared the Crème Brûlée. I am not a fan of Crème Brûlée; however, I loved it! Finally, we ended with Expresso Martinis, regular for Jon and decaffeinated for me. I was able to sleep that night; therefore, it was decaf!

I will conclude by saying that this is not fancy cuisine, but perfectly cooked with an emphasis on taste by an obviously experienced chef.

It was a treat, and we will definitely return very soon!

The Stone Terrace by John Henry's

2275 Kuser Rd, Hamilton Square, NJ



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