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This is basically an Italian restaurant, but if you like steaks, this is where you’ll enjoy the best of the best. There are many places in the area where the steaks are good, but nowhere are they this good! I have eaten there many times and never is the steak not superb. Jon and I always order the dry aged Kansas City bone-in sirloin. They bring it to the table almost cooked the way you ordered them. They finish the preparation with the steak on a very hot plate that they place on the table in its warm juices with a saucer under it so that the plate is on a diagonal. The meat, which comes already cut to make it easier to eat, is then further cooked, from rare to medium, to your preference.

I am a carnivore by nature. I have had some of the world’s best, especially Kobe beef, which I had in Tokyo (and which does not truly exist in the U.S., no matter what you have heard about or tasted). Once I even dreamed about Kobe beef! When I told my sister, she commented, “Most people dream about sex, and you are dreaming about steak!” Well, that’s how good it is!

Toscano has an extensive menu with many other entrees, all with decent portions, which are excellent as well, as evidenced by the smiles and good cheer of all the customers. They make clams casino in my favorite way, which is chopped middle neck clams, topped with bacon, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, lemon and garlic. I prefer it this way because you can actually taste the clams. The oysters are divine. We have been there with several friends and often my guests could not stop ordering the oysters!

All the sides that I’ve had, every single one, was delicious. They are for sharing, like the creamed spinach, the garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli rabe and the lobster mac and cheese. I love the bacon soy glazed brussels sprouts more than anything. I am so glad the portions are large because I get to take home the remaining brussels sprouts.

There is a nice little bar that is well equipped on your left as you enter the restaurant. I am happy to report that they have a decent wine list.

The staff is well informed, and I noticed how coordinated with each other they are – they work very well together. They kind of do everything right; even if you are the type who finds fault, you won’t find it there! Not with the way they serve, the dishes they serve, nor their timing!

I had a birthday celebration there a while back with a table of 10 (see the photo!). Not one of my birthday celebrants complained about anything, and they are all quick to verbalize their opinions.

Everyone ordered what they preferred. Several were there for the first time and said that they were surely coming back!

Toscano is always mobbed, and you MUST reserve in advance, or you will not get a table. You can’t call during the week for a table on the weekend! Bordentown is a charming spot in Central New Jersey, great for walking around. And Toscano is in the midst of it all.


136 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, New Jersey 08505


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